CoverGirl announces first CoverBoy

October 20, 2016 Justine Polanic 0

BY JUSTINE POLANIC Society is changing, and so is the beauty game. The makeup brand CoverGirl has announced its first male ambassador, or CoverBoy, James Charles. Last week, CoverGirl posted a photo on its Instagram, […]

Is Disney losing some magic?

October 20, 2016 Kennedy Coltherd 0

BY KENNEDY COLTHERD Growing up, Disney films were a must in most twentysomethings lives, geeking out to Cinderella, The Lion King and Jungle Book. Yet in 2016, some people are worried that Disney is taking […]

Sweet, sweet Halloween!

October 20, 2016 Colleen Podmoroff 0

BY COLLEEN PODMOROFF October is the prime time for fun activities. It’s the month of Halloween and all things spooky. With that lovely autumn chill there’s so many must-do festivities to try before the month […]

Adulting 101: Finance

October 19, 2016 Andrew Semkow 0

BY ANDREW SEMKOW Finance can be a scary thing for students. A 2016 study found that students graduating have student loan debts, that average around the mid-high $20,000s. So what can you do to get […]

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