Say no to Trump


2017 is a scary year. The world seems as if it’s going under.

Trump is in no position to control the U.S. Considering resent events he has causes sever damage and has caused tension between people and different countries.

Seeing the world filled with such hate and anger leads me to believe the there will be a war between the United States and Islam.

Ever since the election, the world hasn’t been the same. There’s campaigns and anti-Trump protest. Electing Donald Trump as President has caused more controversy than any other election.

Looking closely you will see his many failings as well as the issues the world is now facing.

My observation of over the last 30 days has been intense. There is a large outcry from

Protest held in London England protesting against Trump.  Jack Taylor/Getty Images.

not only the United States but from the whole world. Electing Trump as president has caused the world stress and anxiety.

In London, England they put a banner up that said, “ Say no to Trump.” On Feb.20 there was huge protest planned at the parliament buildings in London to advocate for the banning of Trump in the U.K.

Hearing about these protests makes think that the people of the world are concerned about Trump’s presidency and feel that he is a dangerous individual to hold such power.

Trump states in many interviews that the media is creating fake news and are the enemy of the United States. Clearly this indicates that Trump is not in the right state of mind. John D. Gartner, a practicing psychotherapist who taught psychiatric residents at Johns Hopkins University Medical School has come forward to tell America that he has officially diagnosed President Trump with a very serious psychiatric and mental illness.

I agree with the protesting and what they are protesting about.

I have severe doubts about Trump’s plans and capabilities to govern the United States of America. Within the last month the world sits and waits to see what each government will do to retaliate.

Hearing about the banning of different countries that are Islamic ruled terrifies and shocks me. Just recently in Toronto there has been several hate crimes by Trump supporters.

One Muslim man who lives in Toronto, got his house egged and had hate notes stuck to his window.

World leaders also fear that Trump’s presidency could lead to a global trade war.

“Trump’s victory opens a period of uncertainty,” French President Francois Hollande said.

Fred C. Trump had always said that “some of my best deals were made by my son, Donald . . . everything he touches seems to turn to gold.” But as the King Midas story states, not everything gold is good.

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