Passion for fashion

November 14, 2018 Adam Faraday 0

BY ADAM FARADAY Most people go to the Royal Botanical Gardens to look at plants and nature, but last Saturday, people went for Fashion Week.  Designers from all over the GTA came to strut their […]

Sheridan celebrates Remembrance Day

November 14, 2018 Eric Neilson 0

BY ERIC NEILSON It’s been a century, but Sheridan still remembers. After the gunshots and the bombs stopped, the love and the support for all who sacrificed did not. Sheridan showed its support last Friday […]

Voice of a fallen soldier

November 14, 2018 Jessica Swietoniowski 0

BY JESSICA SWIETONIOWSKI Remembrance month is a time to honour our soldiers, but some veterans feel like there is much more to do in supporting our troops. Soon we’ll be going into election year and […]

Let’s pass on the U-Pass

November 14, 2018 Sara Bawar 0

  EDITORIAL BY SARA BAWAR The Sheridan Student Union (SSU) has introduced a new alternative for students who rely on public transportation. A universal bus pass (U-Pass) is being suggested as a replacement for the […]

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