The disappointment that is Destiny 2


Since its release, Destiny 2 has been a failure to its player base. Instead of a bigger, and better sequel, Bungie, the developer behind it, has consistently lied, misled, and disappointed the dedicated community that has been supporting them.

Since its launch on Sept. 6 Destiny 2 has been plagued by several controversies. One of the earliest was that the “power fantasy” was severely weakened.

“The most negative thing about Destiny 2 is the power fantasy,” said long-time Destiny player Devin “Gozerath” Gonser. “They completely neutered off every subclass for the sake of multiplayer balance.” The power fantasy refers to a game making the player feel powerful though the weapons and abilities that are provided in the game.

One of the most alluring parts to Destiny was how powerful it made players feel. In Destiny 2, much of this was scaled back for the sake of multiplayer balance.

Along with weakening of players, another massive complaint was the lack of “endgame” content, and lack of previously available content. Endgame content is activities to do once a player has completed the main game.

“The games shift away from attainable progress is the most disappointing thing for me,” said Will “The Alpacalypse” Mitchell. “When you did cool stuff in the original Destiny, there were rewards that you saw like cool player emblems, and exclusive gear that garnered respect.”

In Destiny, players could replay the same content at multiple difficulties for rare loot that wasn’t obtainable anywhere else, as well as secrets that the community had to band together to figure out. An example of this was the hidden “Outbreak Prime” quest that tasked players with completing a puzzle that made them find hidden terminals in a raid quest, and then made them read binary, and eventually solve synchronized math problems.

The population of Destiny 2‘s “Trials of the Nine” event for the weekend of Feb. 2 to 5. A new all-time low for the game.

Instead of quickly responding to the community and telling them how they plan to fix issues in the game, Bungie decided to stay silent for the majority of the issues that the community had found. Eventually they did respond, however they used the same “we’re listening” line they’ve been using for years and still leaving everyone in the dark as to what is going on.


“It’s a community driven and supported game,” says Kyle “Tranereck” Bradshaw. “Bungie consistently says ‘we’re listening,’ and then fails to deliver anything that will appeal to me as a long-time fan and active community member.”

In the original Destiny, player versus player games were 6-on-6 and allowed players to play the way they wanted. Destiny 2 scaled the players back to 4-on-4 and changed the meta to make fights based more on focus firing on enemies rather than the skills of the individuals involved.

Destiny 2 is now at a point where community morale and player interest is at an all-time low. “They’ve destroyed the goodwill of the hardcore player base and as a result nobody is playing,” says Bradshaw. “Nobody’s watching on Twitch (an online streaming service that is mostly used by people to stream themselves playing videogames) and nobody’s excited for the future of the game.”

This is also evident by the biggest content creators for Destiny telling their fans that they’re dropping Destiny 2 for other games. In addition, the weekend’s timed player versus player mode called “Trials of the Nine” has been steadily losing players for months. During the weekend of Feb. 2 to 5 there were only 75,566 unique players all weekend. This is a decrease from last week’s 94,970 unique players and also marks it as the lowest turn out in Destiny 2’s history.

At deadline for this story, Bungie posted news that promised changes in the next year that the community has been asking for, adding more content and things to play for over again.

That being said, many features that are being added are being taken right from the previous game that should have been in from the start.

Until Bungie can create new and engaging content that will get players back playing, Destiny 2 will be remembered as a failure.


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