The G-League Showcase is officially leaving Mississauga.

The G-League Showcase could be on its way out of Mississauga next year for the first time due to players not earning enough money.

Basketball Insider’s Steve Kyler said it wouldn’t be possible for the Showcase to be held somewhere like Las Vegas because it’s too expensive for players. Steve discussed the possibility on Twitter of the G-League moving to another city.

A huge concern why is the players in the Showcase are already on a budget.

The G-League teams are already said to be giving out extra “allowance” for players to spend on the road.

Raptors 905 Tim Chung didn’t deny the rumors of the Showcase being moved to another city.

“There’s always a possibility it could return here or it could move to another city” Tim explained. “The NBA has been satisfied with the way we’ve organized the Showcase. They ended up asking us to host it again and they’ve been pleased with this year’s showcase as well.”

The G-League Showcase has been rumored to be held in Las Vegas specifically because it’s such a high tourist attraction. The NBA holds their Summer League in Las Vegas already and could believe they will experience more success with the Showcase there. The problem with that is players would barely be able to afford anything with their allowance.

“It’s almost like you’re gambling with your odds of making the league,” said Weber. “We barely get a fair amount for the hard work we all put in. Some of the worst NBA players still make a ton more money than us and it’s like, either we make it to the league or we basically wasted our time for the experience.”

G-League players have 2 different contracts that vary depending on their value to their organization. They make either $19,500 or $26,000, however, if you are signed as a two-way player, (An NBA team reserves your rights in the G-League) they can earn $75,000 up to $250,000. It could discourage a player heading straight into the G-League that they would be earning less than a McDonald’s store manager, who makes $43,000 a year. But for most G-League players the opportunity to make the NBA and earn millions of dollars is a bet they are willing to take.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t give them a lot of freedom with their money while on the road. Mississauga is said to be one of the most affordable options for G-League players. Moving it to another city would just be too expensive for players to afford. They’ve tried attracting more fans by inviting celebrities like Jordan Kilagon to show off his cool dunks.

For now, the G-League showcase has officially confirmed its move to Las Vegas by Raptors 905 Team Operations. The fans of Raptors 905 are hopeful that it may one day return to Mississauga but with its move to Las Vegas, it’s not hard to imagine another scenery change in the upcoming years.


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