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Sheridan Sun launches new entertainment podcast

Join Joseph Della Vecchia and Noah Sheppard on “Sheridan Stars,” an entertainment podcast breaking down what’s happening in show business.

Noah Sheppard (left) and Joseph DellaVecchia (right) preparing to record the first episode of Sheridan Stars.

In this episode, Joseph and Noah discuss the nominees for the major categories of the 92nd Academy Awards. Who made the cut? Who’s the favourite to win? Who do Joseph and Noah want to see take the Oscar? Find out on the premier episode of “Sheridan Stars”. Streaming on Buzzsprout and Spotify.

Noah Sheppard
Written by
Noah Sheppard

Noah Sheppard is a journalism student with a passion for theatre, broadcast and podcasting. He is co-host of the entertainment podcast, Sheridan Stars and outside of school he works as an actor.

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