Depression by the numbers

April 4, 2017 Julia Brown 0

BY JULIA BROWN Depression and mental health is something that can never be talked about too much. Here are some basic facts about something that takes a toll on many people and their familes.

Fact, fiction and fake news

April 4, 2017 Julia Brown 0

COVERAGE BY JULIA BROWN On April 4. Sheridan College is hosting the Fact, Fiction and Fake news panel. The panel is featuring David Common from CBC News, Andrew Lundy from Canadian Press and more. The […]

Leaving her heart on the court

February 20, 2017 Julia Brown 0

BY JULIA BROWN “The things that people do now in sports, you can’t even believe. These are complete total athletes. To see what human beings can do in the highest level is amazing.” – Billie […]

SU election: Power to the students

January 31, 2017 Julia Brown 0

BY JULIA BROWN Students, this is your time to make a difference. On Jan. 23 Sheridan started its search to find the next student leaders for 2017/2018. The Sheridan Student Union Board of Directors is […]

No Picture

HMC2 opens doors

January 17, 2017 Julia Brown 0

BY JULIA BROWN The day Sheridan staff and students have been waiting for has finally arrived. The new Hazel McCallion Campus expansion is finally complete. Back in 2011 the demand for enrollment spaces at HMC […]

Home is where the court is

November 16, 2016 Julia Brown 0

BY JULIA BROWN Passionate, hardworking and team player are only a few characteristics that people associate with Bruin of the week Amanda Manley. No.2 on the roster but No.1 on the court, this middle is […]