Alicia Vikander reignites a franchise

March 20, 2018 Max Wells 0

BY MAX WELLS It’s been six years since Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix rebooted the infamous Tomb Raider franchise, creating an all new origin story for the iconic treasure-hunting Lara Croft. After the success of […]

Dancing the Labyrinth of Life

March 13, 2018 Sashenka Paatz 0

BY SASHENKA PAATZ Justine Giuliani’s love for life is expressed vibrantly through her artwork. As a Burlington artist, Giuliani openly shares the meaning and story behind her work as it represent the pieces of her […]

PaintNite in Toronto

March 13, 2018 Sashenka Paatz 0

COVERAGE BY SASHENKA PAATZ On Sunday, join live for the details on a PaintNite event happening on March 18. Lisa Awesome, Interior Design student at Sheridan, is teaching a group of 40 people how to paint […]

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