New Year, same you?

January 17, 2017 Brooklyn Fell 0

BY BROOKLYN FELL The 2016 chapter of your life just came to a close, and while many reflect on the year that has just passed, you are looking to the future. According to a study […]

Staying cool during mid-terms

November 2, 2016 Kennedy Coltherd 0

BY KENNEDY COLTHERD Students all over Ontario are going through midterm season. It’s the time of year when they try to cram in as much information as possible. Study groups form, questions start being asked and emails to […]

Sailor Moon reboot far from magical

April 1, 2016 administrator 1

BY STEFAN LEE With reboots running rampant, it’s natural animated favourites want in on the party too. Dragonball Z, Digimon, The Powerpuff Girls are among a few of many animated reboots currently getting the reboot […]

48 hours in New York City

March 21, 2016 administrator 0

BY BRITTANY PREOCANIN Have you ever felt inclined to unexpectedly take a trip somewhere? After a very long conversation about how much we had been working, my cousin and I decided to take a mini […]

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