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Twitch cracks down on community guidelines

March 6, 2018 Wezley Wright 0

BY WEZLEY WRIGHT Twitch has updated its community guidelines following numerous complaints regarding sexual content and sexual threats on its websites. A majority of the complaints claim female gamers are purposefully exposing their bodies to increase […]

That’s a lot of junk

February 20, 2018 Nicholas Snow 0

                    OPINION BY NICK SNOW Mankind’s dream of exploration didn’t end with the earth’s continents, space was only a matter of time.  In the words of […]

The trap of childhood obesity

February 20, 2018 Brittany Lodwich 0

BY BRITTANY LODWICH Although there is lots of awareness about adult heath and self-care, childhood obesity still remains on the radar for families today. With advancing technology, the effects of food and health are closely […]

Canada’s alarming measles rate

February 13, 2018 Paul Mantella 0

BY PAUL MANTELLA Despite vaccination rates for most illnesses staying the same as previous years, or even increasing slightly, Measles-Mumps-Rubella coverage continues to decline. As a result, measles cases are far more common in the […]

Small businesses: Men vs women

February 6, 2018 Sashenka Paatz 0

BY SASHENKA PAATZ Small to medium-size enterprises (SMEs) are a vital part of Canada’s economy. There are over one million SMEs in the country. These businesses provide employment as well as innovation in many fields […]

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