A library of things

February 14, 2017 Christina Janssens 0

BY CHRISTY JANSSENS There are no books in Sheridan’s new library. That’s how it is supposed to be. It’s a library of things- the first of its kind in Canada. Rather than bookshelves, innovative materials […]

Pokemon’s sun-kissed demo

November 1, 2016 Jesse Cabral 0

BY JESSE CABRAL A demo for the latest game in the Pokemon series was released worldwide yesterday. The Pokemon series is twenty years old this year and the next games mark the seventh generation in […]

Destiny ends in iron

October 4, 2016 administrator 0

BY JESSE CABRAL Bungie has released the final expansion for its highly successful first-person shooter Destiny. With the launch of Rise of Iron, Destiny has now received four expansions since its release in September of […]

HonkMobile launches parking payment app

September 28, 2016 administrator 0

BY COLLEEN PODMOROFF Sheridan students, staff and faculty now have a new way to pay for parking on campus with their smartphone. HonkMobile launched a mobile parking payment app, replacing QPay and Locomobi. “Sheridan made […]