Dads braid daughters’ hair for local charities


Dad Alex Funduk wasn’t great at doing his daughter’s hair, but he decided to turn that into a positive thing.

A team of fathers braiding hair at the Dads and Braids charity event on Monday.
A team of fathers braiding hair at the Dads and Braids charity event on Monday. (Photo by Jessica Palumbo)

Dads and Braids is a free workshop hosted in Oakville for fathers and daughters where they are taught how to do tricky braids, buns, use bobby pins and bows in exchange for food donations to local charities.

“I always used to get in trouble from my wife when I did my daughters hair, because my ponytails didn’t last longer than half an hour,” TTC sergeant Funduk said. “She would come home from school and her hair would be all knotted, I figured other dads are in the same boat and they need to learn how to do their daughters hair as well.”

Funduk ran the event this past Monday with the help from local businesses, including Oakville’s Little Sprouts Cuts for Kids which donated space, time and stylists.

“We actually have a lot of dads that come in and don’t know how to do their daughters’ hair,” said sprouts manager Selena Mabee. “It’s definitely challenging trying to teach them in a large group.”

The event was a success with all 12 dads and daughter spots being filled.

“I wanted to support the community and to support dad and daughter time,” said Funduk.

This was the first Dads and Braids event and Funduk is eager to do more, hoping to host the next event within the next few months.

You can also visit the official Dads and Braids Facebook page.