• Community

    Committed to Animal Welfare with Community Support

    The Oakville & Milton Humane Society perseveres despite rising veterinary costs challenging their mission. With unwavering dedication and support from the community, they continue to provide quality care and vital services to the animals that [...]
  • Sheridan News

    SheridanLife Radio: Your Campus Voice!

    If you’re looking for a chance to get involved on campus, look no further than SheridanLife Radio. This is your campus voice, and the space to be creative and experiment with broadcast opportunities. If you’ve [...]
  • Environment

    Protecting the Jefferson Salamander

    Every year the City of Burlington closes a section of King Rd at the top of the escarpment, which connects Burlington to Waterdown. This road closure may be an inconvenience for some commuters, but it’s [...]
  • Environment

    Dot & Bea: Leading Sustainable Fashion

    Our clothing has a massive role in environmental sustainability.  Once textiles are produced, it is difficult to remove them from the fashion cycle. Dot & Bea Vintage in Toronto is promoting the idea that we [...]
  • News

    The Rundown: Spring Open House

    The first few days of Spring have come and gone just like Sheridan’s 2024 Spring Open House. Faculty, staff and student volunteers gathered at Sheridan College’s Trafalgar campus this past Sunday to meet and inspire [...]