The Final Goodbye: Journalism

Story By: Sarah Ballan, Graphic By: Mackenzie Grant

Graduation is right around the corner for the second-year journalism students at Sheridan College.

The final days of their college experience are fast approaching as the 2024 Winter Semester comes to an end on April 19th. Over the past two years, Sheridan’s Journalism program fostered connections for nearly 30 students with dreams of working in the media industry.

While most are off to complete their internships over the summer, others are starting new job opportunities or continuing their post-secondary journey.

Students’ emotions run rampant as they submit their final assignments and say goodbye to their professors and classmates of two years. Meanwhile, it’s bitter-sweet for the faculty that stay behind as their students leave the program and go off into the real world.

“I’m always a little sad that students are leaving, I’ll miss chatting with all of you, but I’m really happy to see all of you graduate. It’s the next step,” says Cheryl Vallender, the Journalism Program Coordinator.

As they throw up their caps, here is some advice from the graduating journalism class of 2024:

Allison’s Advice

“Work hard at all the opportunities you get even if it might seem like a simple and unimportant task. You just have to make the most out every opportunity you get during your time in college because it’s not goning to last forever,” says Allison Sippel, a graduating journalism student at Sheridan College.

Rachel’s Advice

“Try to figure out the services available [at your college] and be more engaged, so you can elevate your experience,” says Rachel White, a graduating journalism student at Sheridan College.

Diego’s Advice

“College is really about getting out of it what you put in. You could definitely coast through if you wanted to just get by, but that’s not really going to get you anywhere. If you put in the effort, you’re going to get better opportunities for jobs or internships, and it’s only going to make you better at your trade,” says Diego Pizzaro, a graduating journalism student at Sheridan College.

Keely’s Advice

“Say yes to new opportunities and don’t be scared to be yourself. Get out of your comfort zone and don’t fall into the habit of saying no,” says Keely Ross, a graduating journalism student at Sheridan College.

Ryan’s Advice

“Talk to everyone in your program immediately. Do not wait, especially if you are in a small program where you are going to see the same people everyday for years. Build connections and friendships as quickly as you can so you can have people in your corner to rely on,” says Ryan Howse-Hackl, a graduating journalism student at Sheridan College.

After applying for graduation in the Fall of 2024, the journalism graduates will accept their diplomas and say their final goodbyes.