JP Saxe & Waterparks Rock History

Story and Photos by Logan Girard

As we welcome Spring, we also start to welcome concert season in Toronto. The beginning of March was a fun one for live music. Toronto’s venue History opened its doors to two very different genres, JP Saxe and Waterparks.

Thanks to Embrace Presents, Live Nation, and The Sheridan Sun, I got the chance to shoot some photos from the pit.

Known for his collaborative song with American singer Julia Michaels, “If The World Was Ending”, JP Saxe played a very special hometown show on March 9th.

The venue was full of fans, both local and from outside the city. However, for those from the area, it was a nice surprise when JP played his song “4:30 In Toronto”.

He also paused the show schedule to really speak to the crowd and connect with them on a deeper level than he usually would during a typical performance.

One thing we can count on from a Canadian artist is that they won’t be forgetting about us when it comes to booking their tour stops, as American artists often overlook Canadian locations.

This can’t be said for the band Waterparks though!

This band has shown their fans that Toronto never gets swept under the rug when it comes to touring.

Given the success of their album “Intellectual Property”, Waterparks is currently on their second tour in a year for the promotion and celebration of this album.

The setlist also contained a few throwbacks for the fans that have been around since the debut album “Double Dare”.

For those who have been following the band for years or only just a few weeks, they were very excited to get a chance at seeing this era of the band live to say the least.