Bingo But Sexy!

On March 21st, The Marquee was buzzing with Sheridan students attending Sexy Bingo. The event was hosted by two drag queens, UltraViolet and Anne Tique. 

UltraViolet (left), Anne Tique (right)

There were five rounds altogether, with each of the winners getting their pick of either safe sex products or sexual toys. 

This is not the first time that The Sheridan Student Union has put on this event. Sexy Bingo has been hosted at the Marquee since 2018 and has always been a huge hit with great attendance. But, this is the first time the event was hosted by two queens. 

Before and after some of the rounds of bingo, lip sync performances provided the entertainment to the delight of the crowd.   

Sexy Bingo is put on to not only have a fun time, but to spread awareness for sexual health. 

“Sheridan in general and the SSU both are very safe sex positive, so it’s always a very fun event but also really educational,” said Sheridan Student Union employee Fifi Mokomane. 

Fifi Mokomane

The topic of sex might be something that people may find uncomfortable to talk about, but with events like the Sexy Bingo, it helps break that barrier down a bit. With dancing, jokes and some useful prizes, it is a great way to help people learn more about sex while having fun! 

Sheridan Student Union Assistant Manager of Programming and Events, Kim Moreira would agree. 

“Just talk about it. Make it a subject that’s approachable and no longer like something you need to whisper about,” said Moreira. 

Kim Moreira

There is much more to learn, so if you have any more questions following safe sex or sexual health in general, there are plenty of places around the Sheridan campuses where you could attend! Even if you think you are well educated around the topic of sex, it is always a smart idea to test your knowledge every so often! Here is a quick quiz you can take!

Also, make sure to keep an eye out at! Here you can keep up to date with all the events happening around Sheridan, including Sexy Bingo!