Late-night life at the Learning Commons


It’s not only exam week where students occupy the Learning Commons, at some point there is a big pile of homework which needs to be done in the night. Some find it very convenient since there are fewer people after 10 p.m. which gives them a distraction-free environment.

On Thursday and Sunday evenings there are roughly around 15 to 20 people in the Learning Commons who spend hours in front of computers, and eating protein bars from the vending machine.

“Once you like pass midnight, around one o’ clock, you can find like five people here and there have been times where I have been alone and there is this assignment you have to get it done so I find it more productive here at the commons”, said Kayden Tonita, a fourth- year Music Theatre student.

Many students prefer staying at the Learning Commons in night than trying to finish their work during the day. The “book a room” feature at Sheridan allows students to book a group study room online to do their work.

Usually the Learning Commons is jam- packed all day and students find it difficult to find a spot to study. There are also students who take the 11 p.m. shuttle from Hazel mcCallion campus to access the Learning commons.

“I find it very difficult and stressful to travel to Oakville because I need to take the shuttle from Mississauga whenever I need to use the Learning Commons and I roughly spend around 10 to 15 hours a week. It really gives a hard time for students like me who needs a proper work place to focus on their assignments “ said Anushka Todi, a first -year Bachelor of Design student.

Studying through the night might not work for everyone, but it will benefit the largest number of students.

Also, you need to have a Sheridan ID with you to access the Learning Commons at midnight. The security is required to do random checks by asking for your student oneCard. If the student does not have a one card with them, they will be asked log in to slate through one of the computers and provide a government piece of ID to match your name with Slate.

“The students must have their ID with them all the time and they should surrender it to us,” said Kris Dowlatshahi, Site Supervisor. “When we ask them and if they don’t produce any piece of proof as a Sheridan student, they should immediately leave the property.”

The Learning Commons at the Davis Campus is open until midnight, Hazel McCallion Campus 11 p.m. and Trafalgar Campus is open 24/7.



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