Lots of quiet study spaces for students


With mid-terms coming up many students are trying to find a quiet place to study.

At Sheridan’s Trafalgar Campus there are many places for students to study. “There are many different spots within the library for students to study such as the quiet study room in C102 at the front of the library. This room gets a lot of students especially through mid-term and exam time. There are also cubicles at the back of the library for students to study as well as collaborative rooms for groups,” said Irene Sillius, a library and learning services support staff.

A Sheridan College General Arts and Science student mentions places in Sheridan where he likes to get work done.

“I prefer going to my program classroom later on in the day when it is empty or the SSU Coffee Loft to get a bite in the early morning while reviewing before my class.” said Hamid Lawal.

(Photo by Emily Hollick/ Sheridan Sun)
Students lounging in the C-Wing. (Photo by Emily Hollick/Sheridan Sun)

These are some places students have mentioned they like to study and get work done:

SSU Square:

The SSU Square has many tables with comfy sofas and lounges. The main area of the SSU Square is great for group work due to it being open concept. For more privacy many students head up to the Coffee Loft as they can get a quick bite while studying in a quiet and relaxing environment. “I go to the Coffee Loft quite often,” said Hamid Lawal

Learning Commons:

The Learning Commons is another great area for group work and to get some studying going. In the middle of the Learning Commons there are group tables and coaches as well as extra computers and printers if needed. They also have a quiet study room in C148b as well as glass rooms for students to book and use as they please. The Learning Commons has approximately 15 rooms to book. “I like to book out a room in the Learning Commons sometimes because It lets me get my work done without distractions,” said Nicole White a Sheridan College ECE student.

Sheridan Library:

The Sheridan library also has a quiet study room in C102 as well as various cubicles in the back of the library for students to get individual quite studying time done. They also have many other tables throughout the library and single person couches to help students stay comfy while studying. A Sheridan College student mentions “I go to the library a lot during my mid-terms and exams to use their quiet study room,” said Jack Quinlan, a Sheridan College General Arts and Science student.


On each floor of SCAET- Wing there are tables and chairs in the corners of the halls for students to get quiet work done as well as some booths and chairs in front of Second Cup. “I go the SCAET building during my lunch cause its quiet if I want to study,” says Quinlan.


There are many empty classrooms at Sheridan where students are allowed to study when not in use. “When one of my classes ends in the afternoon sometimes I stay when everyone is gone to catch up on work,” said Lawal.

Outside Sheridan:

Within the surrounding Sheridan College area there are a few places where students can go to get work done at cafes like Artisano, Tim Hortons, and Starbucks. These cafes are mainly quiet and have many individuals studying as well.  “Tim’s is a great place to study off campus,” says Quinlan.