Controversial Sheridan shuttle service goes through another change.

Since last fall, Sheridan College has dramatically changed its shuttle bus service.

The shuttle buses, which used to stop at all three campuses, now stop at the Trafalgar and Davis Campuses only.

One of the Sheridan shuttle buses at the Davis Campus in Brampton.

Since the shuttle service no longer stops at the HMC Campus, buses are scheduled to arrive and depart from the remaining campuses every 45 minutes.

Last semester, the shuttle bus would often be late.

“Most of the time the bus was on time except for sometimes in the morning and when I’d use it around four to five o’clock. In the afternoon it was always late by like 10 to 20 minutes,” said Shaquille Baker, a Sheridan student and shuttle bus rider.

This year, the shuttle service has made another change. Shuttle buses will now leave and arrive at Trafalgar and Davis campus every hour from 7:15 a.m. to 9:15 p.m.

“The reason the hours changed is because we (the drivers) requested it. Sometimes with traffic, getting to Davis from Trafalagar wasn’t possible in 45 minutes, and giving us the full hour lets us factor in bathroom breaks without putting us even more behind schedule,” said John, a driver with the shuttle bus.

The shuttle bus service is run by a third-party company, but operational decisions are all made by Sheridan.

For more on the Sheridan shuttle service, you can call 905-815-4287 visit the website.