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Sheridan Sun Podcast continues!

The Sheridan Sun Podcast is back and will feature new hosts for the rest of the semester. TJ Dhir and Brandon Rollo will be taking over from Joseph Della Vecchia and Noah Sheppard.

This episode of the podcast features Alyssa Kaoukis talking about the physical health benefits of yoga. We’ll also tell you about the new digital clocks around all three campuses, and Ross Cadranel will discuss the recent controversy surrounding mental health services at the University of Toronto.

The Sheridan Sun Podcast can also be heard on Spotify and Apple Music.

Tejas Dhir
Written by
Tejas Dhir

Tejas Dhir goes by TJ. He is a sports expert and obsessed with Formula 1 racing. He also hosts the Bruins All Access show for Sheridan Life Radio.

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