Sheridan gets cheeky at design sale


“”Trash” and “Bastard” are my favourite ones.”

“I got the one that says “Bitch.””

No, it’s not people choosing their favourite curse words, or playing an adult card game. A rotating keychain display alternated between the tame, “Artist”, “Editor”, and “Fangirl”, to the popular vulgar ones, which were quickly snapped up at Sheridan’s Art and Art History Design Sale. Set in the B-Wing hallway with plenty of foot traffic, a humble setup of three tables set side to side was splayed with a variety of artworks made by the Design 4 class.

Sam Pufek, a student in the Art and Art History (AAH) program which is offered in partnership with University of Toronto – Mississauga, said, “It’s a sale where third-year students sell anything that’s interesting. Everything’s handmade.”

Sam Pufek stands by her soap cupcake creation. (Photos by Tyler Choi/Sheridan Sun)

Items run the gamut from scented bath salts, Sheridan College postcards, pins and soap. “We want to make something that was unique and make people say, “Wow, I could not get that anywhere else.” Pufek exemplified this with her own creation: cupcake-shaped soaps which adorned a cupcake stand, and could easily pass as the baked good. Crafted with a shea butter soap base, the top was created by beating liquid soap, just like whipped cream.

”I was trying to think of something that was different,” said Pufek. “I gave away soap during Christmas, and I figured because of that, I could keep going with it. It would catch people’s eyes because of its appearance.”

What did catch the eye of Mary Preece, President of Sheridan College, was a conspicuous brown notebook wrapped in a red ribbon. Marked with, “Shitty attempt at being creative”, it was enough for her to snap it up. Preece said, “I’m a fan of the creativity and innovation at Sheridan. This one appears to do that.” She was such a fan of the notebooks that Preece inquired if she could get 20 of them for staff members, a sum that left the students manning the desk shocked.

President of Sheridan College Mary Preece appreciates the creativity and humour on display at the college.

As the day continued on, it was clear what was selling were the ones with the least shame. The keychains were a notable favourite, with dozens of students and Sheridan staff figuring out which one best suit their needs. “We as a class suggested what names people would want on their keychains,” said Heather Riley, who took the role of cashier.

As the customers kept flowing in, Pufek beamed. “It’s nice when people stop by and pause. It’s exciting to get feedback.”

Feedback and interest came in droves. Others looked upon with glee at the “Spicy Meatball Pins”. Unique artwork adorns each one, ranging from a pair of busy hands to an ice cream cone, and a tube of lipstick. People laughed at the coasters written with, “Put your fucking drink here”, with one customer saying, “I bet my husband would love this.” The “Booty Patches” are detailed figures of astrological signs, often posing in provocative poses, which garnered the interest of those with a keen eye.

It’s all for a good cause, of course. Sales from the event go toward financial student awards, which provides scholarships for students. Student Olivia Nam snatched up a keychain with the word, “Butt” on it. Why?

“It’s funny, and I like it.” Sheridan let their creativity flow, as much as their boldness and cheek, which made for a winning combination.

  • Mary Preece (Left) talks with students about her brand new notebook. (Tyler Choi/Sheridan Sun)

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