Mississauga gathers to recognize annual Crime Awareness Day

Firemen demonstrate rescue of someone stuck in a car. (Photos by Seda Atar/ the Sheridan Sun)






On Saturday, the people of Mississauga recognized Annual Community Crime Awareness Day.

It was a perfect reason for families to get out of their homes and experience something new.

In attendance were lots of police officers that had come out to answer questions, and to entertain anyone of any age.

Former Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion gave a speech about the city’s safety and how she will try to keep it that way with her community friends. She told the crowd the community officers are trying to keep the city a safe place for all and that she was happy that they were able to bring the people of Mississauga together.

Traditional dances were performed on stage.

On stage, there were a few cultural performances. There were children representing Portugal and performing their traditional dances.

Later on, at 3 p.m., a dance group showed off some of their moves on stage that went along with music.

The celebration for the Annual Crime Awareness started at noon and went on until 9 p.m.

For people who were hungry or needed something to snack on there were variety of foods including food trucks, Beaver Tails, an authentic Caribbean restaurant, an ice-cream truck and stand that gave out fried potatoes on a stick.

All food and entertainment was sponsored by Carassauga, an organization that put together a festival every summer to bring together different parts of the world with the community.

The day offered plenty of food options for attendees, including Beaver Tails and food trucks.

Police officers joined the crowd and enjoyed the food and performances. Little kids who wanted bounced in three colorful jumpy castles.

While there were people watching the performances on stage there were people buying food at the other end of Celebration Square, and at one end there was a firetruck demonstration. The firemen were showing how they would save somebody stuck in a car. One firemen had tools in his hand and was explaining what was going on while the others were doing exactly what he was saying.

In addition there was a balloon clown, cotton candy stand, popcorn stand and face painting for anyone to be a part of and enjoy. Lots of kids were happy and excited when a group of teenagers started giving out goldfish. Yes, actual goldfish in plastic bags filled with water! Essentially little friends to take home.

Later on a police officer said that, “This is to bring the community together, to just bring awareness and entertainment.”

To keep up with events at Mississauga Celebration Square you can visit Mississauga.ca or to learn more about Crime Awareness Day visit mcba@mcba-canada.com

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