Sheridan celebrates 50th birthday

Food, speeches, photos, exhibit, film and a medicine wheel garden.


So much happened on Oct. 2 to celebrate Sheridan College’s 50th anniversary.

Students enjoyed a free barbeque. Not all students though, it was first-come first-served because it was only prepared for 500 people.

The photo booth was set up in a trailer right in front of the school, a great way for students to make a fun memory. To make the photos a little bit more fun there were glasses, hats and colourful jewellery. Most photos came out really funny, students couldn’t keep their laughs in when they saw how silly they looked on camera.

To mark the 50th birthday an addition was made to Sheridan College. The indigenous medicine wheel garden. Each plant in the garden has its own meaning and each section has its own colour. There are plants that will bloom throughout summer, spring, fall and in the winter the grass will shine through due to its thick leaves.

Oakville Mayor Rob Burton was there to congratulate the college and celebrate the event.

“The important part that I want to single out is, in heritage there are lessons and no one, no community knows that better than Oakville that values heritage so much and that’s why we work so hard to protect our heritage,” Burton said.

To help plant the last four plants of the garden there was Wendy Rinella, Oakville Community Foundation, Paul O’Hara, garden designer, Wai Chu Cheng, project manager of the Office for Sustainability, and David Moses from Sheridan Indigenous Education Council. Each dug a hole and planted the last plants to complete the garden. Now it’s time to wait and see the colourful flowers bloom in the spring.




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