Jumping for joy at Black Out Fridays

By: Virginia


Aerosports is more than a trampoline park, it’s the¬†scene of¬†an¬†unique event called Black Out¬†Friday.¬† There are two locations, one in Brampton¬†at 100 Westcreek¬†Blvd.¬†and¬†another in¬†Oakville¬†at¬†2679 Bristol¬†Circle. On the first¬†Friday¬†of¬†the¬†month they hold an event called DJ jump night¬†that starts after 7¬†p.m.¬†where they bring in a live DJ, strobe¬†lights,¬†giveaways¬†and other cool things to do for¬†their¬†night time¬†jumpers.¬†¬†¬†

Aerosports, which is¬†now¬†three years old,¬†has¬†this event every Friday instead of only having it¬†on¬†the first Friday of every¬†month,¬†and¬†is now¬†called Black Out¬†Fridays,¬†so if you can’t make it one Friday you don’t have to wait a whole other month to get a chance to go.¬†Not¬†only is this a place¬†good¬†for children to¬†come¬†play and be active,¬†it also offers rock climbing and an arcade and¬†is¬†also ideal for adults to come have a good time as well.

“Good¬†music and nice¬†exercise,¬†the music is more appealing¬†than¬†what they usually play during normal hours,¬†I¬†would¬†definitely¬†recommend it to someone who hasn’t gone before,”¬†said¬†customer Justin¬†Sukhara.¬†¬†

As soon¬†as 7¬†p.m.¬†hits¬†the¬†lights are turned off automatically and¬†the party begin until the park closes.¬†“As stressful as¬†Black¬†Out¬†Friday¬†can be I think it’s one of the¬†more relaxed shifts that we can work since the music gives us more of a chill vibe,”¬†said¬†staff member, Nicole¬†Hylton.¬†

Hylton also believes that this event has come a long way from when it started and has gained more popularity with not only the younger crowd but the older crowd as well. 

“The¬†only thing that can suck about black out¬†Fridays¬†are the amount of injuries that can happen since it’s dark,”¬†adds¬†Hylton.¬†”¬†But other than that, it’s pretty fun.”¬†

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