Kick the monkey out of your mind with a unique meditation


Akasha’s Den can help start your December off cool, calm, and collected with healing meditation.

The Den in Oakville holds a meditation at the beginning of every month from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. giving community members an opportunity to cleanse themselves in preparation for a better month ahead.

Mats, blankets and meditation pillows are provided but it is recommended for visitors to bring their own extra padding or blankets for comfort.  Owners also ask that guests bring a $10 donation for the Oakville & Milton Humane Society.

The business is run by partners, Mary Willeichuk and Alex Terrier, along with their two friendly dogs, Luna and Karma. Their love for animals is what drives their donations. “The Oakville Humane Society does an abundance of help for the animals, not just dogs and cats. They help raccoons too, rabbits, even deer. They will help them to get to where they need to be healthy and happily,” said Willeichuk.

Luna waits patiently for visitors to come join the magic of the Reiki healing.

Willeichuk and Terrier share energy called Ussi Reiki, which is a Japanese form of mediation. “Reiki energy is a life-force energy that comes from the universe. As energy, it reaches the cause of what ails us weather its emotional, mental, or physical. It knows where the cause is. Reiki comes through you not from you. We bring Reiki in and we bring it out to you and it goes automatically to the areas that need the attention,” explained Willeichuk.

The mediation began with the lights fading to black with only candles and salt lamps lighting the room. The smell of rose incense was prominent in the room increasing people’s clarity and focus. Willeichuk began reading off some astrological points about the recent Super Moon that occurred this past Sunday and explaining what that means for us emotionally.

Himalayan salt lamp’s are beneficial to any room. They help with deodorizing the air, ease coughing, increase energy levels and more.

Soon enough, the sound of singing bowls started to echo. Terrier would switch from playing soothing music on a playlist, to playing the flute, drums, and chimes. The journey of the reflection had power to bring forth anyone’s true emotions.

“We all have monkey minds, it’s very hard to stop, I don’t think any of us stopped while we were in there, you have to meditate many hours a day in order to get to that place of nirvana and stillness. Meditation just takes you to that quiet place and Reiki helps you get there.”

Three chimes of a bell rang to awake everyone from their reflection. To conclude, thanks was given by the owners to everyone around.

“Everyone here is family. Alex and I don’t call our staff employees, they are family, and everyone who joins is extended family,” says Willeichuk. The word “namaste” was spoken aloud by everyone in the room, and fresh souls carried on with their daily routines.

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