Toronto Distillery Market: Fun and historical

Virginia Atwell


Toronto Distillery market/ Dan Gaken


There are many fun and festive things to do with Christmas being just around the corner, even though it may also be a stressful time for some people as they still might have some last-minute shopping to do. Toronto’s Distillery Christmas Market is a perfect place to get some great gifts while supporting local businesses and is open until this weekend, Dec. 23, for those who want to get out of the house, have a good time, get that last-minute shopping done and even learn about how this Christmas market that we know and love- came to be. 

The market is free to visit during the week but does cost an entry fee of $6 or $20 for a VIP ticket to get in more quickly as they are super busy Friday through Sunday. Although the scenery is beautiful and there are many unique attractions on site, it never used to be that way.

“Specifically, in WWI the distillery was producing acetone, ketone and other key ingredients used in gun powder, and that was specifically used for the British army for use in that war of course” says GO tours Canada’s representative, Aaron Binder.

After the war, the facility actually was vacant for a few years and then turned in to one of the largest whiskey producers. “If you actually look at the history of the two families that started the place, it’s extensive, they were integral in building up not just the city, province but Canada as an economic powerhouse in the alcohol industry,”adds Binder.  

Mill St. Brewery original use/ Virginia Atwell


Now it is a beautiful German styled Christmas market, which includes over 30 vendors selling various items that can be gifted at good prices, lots of beautiful lights and is rich with life and lots of people from not only Toronto, but from around the world as well. “I’ve been coming to this market for years shopping for gifts and stuff for family, it’s also really fun to take pictures here and walk around, it’s really cozy and puts you in the Christmas spirit” says Sarah Crocker, a local shopper. 

Distillery Market/ Allen McGregor
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