SU rolls out fall clubs fair

Sheridan students have more than 80 clubs to pick from for extracurricular fun


The Sheridan Student Union held its Fall into Clubs Fair across all three campuses on Monday. It may seem overwhelming when discovering 80-plus available clubs to choose from, but as it turns out, it isn’t too hard for students both new and returning to find a group that’s right for them.

“Really, it’s just for the inclusion in the community. We accept all students of interest and skill levels,” said Madison Schaeffer, president of Trafalgar Campus’ Gaming Analysis and Discussion Club, a club designed for people who enjoy video games and wish to discuss them with other students.

Madison Schaeffer, Gaming Analysis and Discussion Club president. (Photos by Alexander Margavio/Sheridan Sun)

On the flipside, another video game club being offered at Trafalgar is the Sheridan E-sports club.

“It’s important for people to join our club to push e-sports forward at Sheridan because a lot of other schools around Ontario offer scholarships for gaming. It’s important for Sheridan to know there’s a demand for gaming and how it can benefit the school and students,” said club creator and president Matthew Glorioso, as a small group of people gathered around his club’s table to play Super Smash Brothers: Melee.

Sheridan e-sports club president Matthew Glorioso and club executive Brian Dhin.

Another interesting club that was showcased at the event was the SheridanLife Radio club, which could be heard being played over Union Square’s PA system during the club fair. “We try to get more people involved in in our communities and talk about their issues over the radio,” said club president Hanna Kryvun. A few of the podcasts hosted on SheridanLife Radio include, the Cinema on the Spectrum, hosted by Jaime Rebanal, and Foodie Facts, hosted by Elmira Persaud.

Elmira Persaud, Jaime Rebanal, and Hanna Kryvun, all members of SheridanLife Radio club.

Not all clubs offered at Sheridan are purely about entertainment hobbies, however, as many of them are about finding a sense of cultural importance along with other students who can connect to that.

“We know how hard it is for international students who are coming to Canada and are far away from home. We want them to feel like they belong, and they have someone they can turn to and just be involved,” said Maria Noelle Carla Ramos, president of Sheridan’s International Students club. The group allows for international students to come together and socialize, to help them feel more at home and connected to the student body.

Claudia Bernal Quintana and Maria Noelle Carla Ramos of the International Students club.

Another more socially involved club that was presented at Trafalgar’s club fair was the WUSC (World University Service of Canada) Sheridan Local Committee, which “is all about making the world a better place. We work with Sheridan and the student union to sponsor student refugees to come study at Sheridan,” said club president Duaa Zaheer, who was enthusiastic to raise awareness about such an important issue, that could always use more support.

Check out the SSU’s clubs corner website for more info.

Duaa Zaheer, president of the WUSC Sheridan Local Committee.
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