Decorate your place with a piece of Hollywood magic


The poster sale is being held in the atrium of the Student Centre at Trafalgar Campus. (Photos by Robert Koumarelas/Sheridan Sun)

The poster sale is being held in the atrium of the Student Centre at Trafalgar Campus.

If you’re looking for that special something to add character to your room, a poster might be just what you’re looking for. But you’d better hurry, because it’s the last day and they’re going fast.

Hosted by the SSU for three days every semester, students can come to the Student Centre at Trafalgar Campus to purchase various sized posters of some of your favourite comics, movies and television shows. These posters of some of your favorite pieces of pop culture can range from the iconic and famous, to the obscure and cult-classic.

Enver Sadie, who has worked in various other jobs in media and entertainment, has been collecting copies and original prints of posters since his teens.

The posters are sold by Enver Sadie, an independent collector who sells many rare posters and original art pieces. “I started when I was 16. I started collecting posters then, and then it never stopped but I actually started selling within the colleges about 2003.” Sadie, who is partnered with the SSU for this sale, has been selling posters to college students across Ontario for the past 15 years.

Sadie has made sales over the years at both Trafalgar and Davis Campuses, and is planning to host sales at HMC in Mississauga when construction on the new wing is complete.

“I work with the SSU. I work with student unions and art groups so generally there’s a cut of the profits that go into the student unions, or they at least take some payment for the space.”

“Generally the students need stuff for their dorms…It’s a product that’s affordable and they can put up and sort of personalize their dorm space or their room space,” said Sadie.

Blaire Bordon, an Illustration student of Sheridan, has been building his own collection of posters over the past 5 years.

Posters have been used for decades to advertise and as a result, original prints have become valued collector’s items, some having a value range of hundreds of dollars apiece.

One of Sadie’s reportedly best customers, Blaire Bordon, is one such passionate collector. “I’ve literally known this guy for like five years, and I’m like literally his best customer, so I’ve probably spent close to $1,000,” said Bordon.

Sales at Trafalgar are considered especially good, with many Illustration, Animation and Photography students either looking for inspiration for their next work, or some suitable decoration.

Today’s the final day for the annual Poster Sale which runs until 6 p.m. so students better hurry.

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