Onecard to be accepted at more off-campus restaurants


The onecard network at Sheridan College is expanding, and students can expect more off campus restaurants to begin accepting their student IDs. In fact, they are seeking student input to better decide which restaurants to add to the onecard network.

Onecard office at the Trafalgar Campus. Photos by Eric Darosa

In autumn of 2016 Habaneros became the first off-campus restaurant to accept the Sheridan onecard. Since then, many restaurants have come aboard, many of which are offering students select discounts when they pay with their onecard.

Since then, several more restaurants in the Trafalgar area have joined the onecard eligible list including Turtle Jacks and Monaghan’s. However, Trafalgar isn’t the only campus with onecard eligible food options as many restaurants around all three Sheridan campuses are begging to accept the ID. Onecard officer Katie Kelly says, “at the Davis Campus there’s City North Pizza, and at the Hazel Mccallion Campus there’s Osmow’s and Union Burger.”

Additionally, these restaurants are beginning to offer Sheridan students more deals and discounts when they pay with their student IDs. Onecard officer Kevin Halligan says, “right now there’s a 10 per cent discount at Habaneros every Monday if you pay with your onecard.” Sheridan students who use their onecards at restaurants off campus are also entered into a monthly draw for a chance to win 20 flex dollars.

Onecard staff organizing student feedback.

Furthermore, the onecard office will also be hosting free giveaways and draws for exciting prizes across all three campuses for the first two weeks of December leading up to the holiday break.

While the list of restaurants that accept the onecard as a payment method is already quite large, Sheridan students can expect it to grow even further. Kelly says that they are actively trying to grow the onecard network and maximize the amount of restaurants that accept it. Kelly has also stated that, “as we expand our off campus partner network we are very interested to hear from students as to where they would like to be able to use their onecard.”

If you have feedback or suggestions for places you would like to be able to use your onecard, please contact the onecard office at

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