Take some time to yourself at Om Sweet Om


Sheridan students started their days feeling powerful and relaxed after participating in Om Sweet Om on Nov. 6 at Trafalgar Campus.

Sheridan students practicing Vinyasa Flow in a power yoga session at Om Sweet Om. (Photos by Manesa Dhanabalan/Sheridan Sun)

Amanda Bhajan and Salma Gabelnour from the SSU organized a yoga and meditation session in partnership with #PerkPeeps from 8:30 to 10 a.m. for Sheridan students at the Marquee. Perk Peeps is a discount program exclusive to Sheridan students.

Although this event took place at Trafalgar Campus there will be two more sessions at the other campuses: Nov. 7 in The Den at Davis Campus, and Nov. 8 in the Creative Campus Gallery at HMC starting at 8:30 a.m.

Bhajan, services manager at SSU, organized this event to promote wellness and remind students to take care of themselves.

“It’s a good way for students to remember too that these type of wellness events are available to them by visiting the studio that hosts the event, and as a Sheridan student they get exclusive discounts for similar classes.”  

The session took about an hour ­­­- 45 minutes to practice power yoga and 15 minutes of meditation ­­­- at the end. Students were also offered snacks when the session was over.

Power yoga is a Vinyasa practice also known as a flow practice, which is a journey into power.

Zach Gray, a fourth-year Animation student at Sheridan who attended the session, practices yoga by himself using apps on his own time. “In my opinion it’s one of the better work outs you can do because I went to the gym for a while and know all kinds of people who do a lot activity. To me yoga’s the only one you can’t get injured at,” Gray says.

Zach Gray does Savasana in a power yoga practice at Om Sweet Om.

Gray said Om Sweet Om was a great way to start his day. “I like to think it’s made me more relaxed and given me a nice little outlet on a regular basis because we all get stressed.” He added he is definitely going to recommend this event to his friends.

Yoga is not the only thing that would benefit students who are in school. Students also mentioned that 15 minutes of meditation at the end made them feel very relaxed. It’s an easy practice anyone can do at home as well.

Sheridan students practicing Vinyasa Flow in a power yoga session at Om Sweet Om.

Yoga and meditation is a great way for students to focus on themselves and get away from all the stress around them but for students in school, attending yoga classes wouldn’t be easy in terms of time and affordability.

Students can benefit from yoga without paying by downloading apps like Down Dog and watching YouTube tutorials that allow you to practice in the comfort of your room.

Although some students were tempted to come to the session just for the free yoga mats the SSU was offering the first 10 attendees, all the students left smiling and ready to start their days.

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