Rush The Shallows at Burlington’s new art show


Experience the waters and forestry around us in a new Burlington art exhibit Rushing the Shallows. This studio exhibit showcases work by C. Miles Goldring featuring the waterfalls, rivers, and forests around Burlington and Hamilton. Goldring has been exploring the use of Ontario’s natural beauty by focusing on certain areas around her neighbourhood in Hamilton.

“Websters and Grindstone falls and their tributaries will be highlighted today,” Goldring said.

She finds beauty in the nature around her, and believes that her artwork will speak to the community in Ontario because her work is a rendition of what is in their own backyard.

Goldring shared her wide range of techniques in the exhibit and also touched on her inspiration as an artist.

“My roots and connection to the water in all its forms are reflected in the detailed works using a combination of techniques including glazing-layers of diverse colors diluted in a glazing medium that provide depth and complexity to each painting. Forests in glorious autum foliage form a stunning backdrop to the rushing waters and remind us that these images are simply a short walk or drive away,” said Goldring.

Many people attended the event to view the artwork and purchase their favourite pieces. Kelly Bourassa was one of the attendees.

“I really love local artists. I try to come to these events as much as I can. I think what she is doing here is amazing, the colours of the fall leaves make me really happy,” she laughs. “It’s funny to think there are such awesome places like this around our area and we don’t even see their beauty,” she said.

Photographer there named Nick Garbutt was on hand, snapping pictures of his favourite pieces along with some of the artist and some local fans.

“I like doing things like this because it gets them [local artists] out there. I like to photograph events like this because it makes me happy to see the beauty in our hometown showcased — and there are snacks,” Garbutt chuckled.

Each piece of artwork for sale will come with a unique colour booklet of the series with quotes and poetry. The event runs until Dec. 15 and is located opposite the RBG in Burlington at Goldring’s studio at 652 Spring Gardens Road.

Check out the artist’s instagram  for more artwork and updates.


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