What do Ontarians think of Ford’s anti-carbon-tax stickers?


Ontarians are finding creative ways to push back against the anti-carbon-tax gas stickers. This example pokes fun at Premier Doug Ford’s “buck-a-beer” campaign, which is another heavily criticized initiative.

Photo by Reddit user snatchiw

Earlier this year, Ford rolled out the stickers that are required to be displayed on every gas pump around the province.  Privately owned gas stations that do not display the stickers on their pumps can be fined up to $500 each day the stickers aren’t displayed. Corporately owned stations can be fined up to $5,000 for each day the stickers aren’t displayed.  The government says inspectors will travel around to see if gas stations are displaying the stickers properly. 

Rakesh M., who didn’t want to give his last name, is the manager of an ESSO gas station in Oakville. He says “Every morning I come in to work and I have to put up at least two new stickers. People are tearing them down every day, I can’t control what they do.” The stickers also don’t stick very well

Left – Doug Ford’s anti-carbon-tax sticker on a gas pump
Right – Remains of a torn off sticker from a gas pump

Photo by Ross Cadranel

The Green Party of Ontario has put out several statements accusing Ford’s stickers of sabotaging climate solutions. One of its earlier statements reads, “We need to have a mature discussion about solutions to the climate crisis. Instead, the Premier wants to make this a wrestling match at the pumps.”

The Green Party of Ontario parodied Ford’s stickers, warning about the cost of climate change. Gas stations can order these stickers for free. The Green Party also offers magnets for anyone to order, at $10 each.

Image by Green Party of Ontario

One Ontarian (who chose to remain anonymous, contacted through Reddit) said, “I think it’s a ridiculous ploy to advance the conservative political agenda. Carbon tax is a good addition for Canadians as we need to do something about our carbon emissions and we need to start somewhere.”

At a gas station in Waterdown the anti-carbon-tax sticker had been replaced by a more environmentally concious one that states, “Climate action incentive rebates grow every year to make life more affordable for Canadians.”

Photo by Patrick Hirlehey

Many people are getting creative with how they rebel against the stickers. Replacing stickers, tearing them down, or mocking them, are all commonplace.

One angry Ontarian posted this photo on Facebook with the caption “On our way to Montreal, ripped sign at the gas station when we arrived, new sign posted that same afternoon.  I would like the tax money that was spent on these campaign ads returned to me.”

Photo by Kyra Karanfilovska

With the Federal election around the corner, this Ontarian decided to jokingly “help” Doug Ford and cover up his “Election Act” crime.

Photo by Reddit user Ramorous

Although the gas stickers may be contributing to Doug Ford’s approval rate dropping, he continues to stand by the decision.

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