Go QLess and skip the line!

Sheridan Davis campus students are getting out of line taking advantage of the Office of the Registrar’s (OTR) new QLess service, which was launched on December 3, 2019.

Laura Gariepy, manager of financial aid and awards at the office of the registrar says, “The intention behind Q-Less is to eliminate in-person line ups with the virtual queue.” QLess replaces physical lines and allows students to wait in virtual mobile lines, alerting them on their phones when it’s their turn. The QLess App keeps students updated on how their queue is progressing. It also provides prompts and updates ahead of their appointment about payments and completing forms or OSAP applications.

Bryan MacFarlane, associate registrar of system operations and projects at the office of the registrar says that the primary function of the service is to provide better service to students: “The office of the registrar values your time as much you do.”

Suzanne Garces, assistant to the registrar, has been guiding students on how to use the app: “A student just needs to visit QLess.sheridancollege.ca, register in the queue and [they] will get a text message when it is their time to be served. “

MacFarlane says, “We launched the Davis campus last week and the plan is that we will launch this in Trafalgar and HMC campus soon. To be precise, by December 16 all campuses will have this new service.”

To use this service, log into the QLess Online Kiosk and make an appointment or join a virtual queue if you need to see the OTR.

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