Youth Amplified launches at Sheridan


Sheridan is launching its new community initiative “Youth Amplified” on May 4, 2021. This initiative will help students create their pathway to post-secondary education by offering mentorship, access to financial aid and resources, and guidance through the application process.

“Many young people in our local communities experience barriers to accessing postsecondary education which are often rooted in systemic policies and practices that disadvantage marginalized populations,” says Karen LeMoine, Director of Community Engagement and Stakeholder Relations at Sheridan. “Through Youth Amplified, we’re working with local partners – and youth directly – to understand their needs and co-create initiatives that can empower and support youth to overcome these barriers and reach their full potential.”

To mark the launch of Youth Amplified, Sheridan is hosting a free virtual event with Mississauga born poet and motivational speaker Wali Shah for the keynote address followed by a Q&A session. You can register for this event here.

Youth Amplified has partnered with many youth based community organizations to develop their approach to help ensure youth are assisted and empowered as best as can be.

Some of the organizations Youth Amplified has aligned with are;

  • Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Peel
  • Eclypse Youth Center
  • Black Boys Code
  • Art House
  • Home Suite Hope

To learn more about Youth Amplified and get involved, please visit