Illumi Lights Up The Night

Story by Avery Fry, Dalia Sibie and Jed Salibay

Even though the winter break is over, the illumi Mississauga light walk is still running until March 26th. With over 20 million lights across 600,000 square feet the walk is a winter event to be enjoyed outdoors.

The main goal behind the walk is to make people smile says Rachael Masih, the PR Coordinator for Cavalia, the company behind illumi Mississauga. “Normand [Creator of the Cavalia] when he talks about the show, he really wants people to leave with a smile on their face. He wants them to experience something completely magical,” says Masih. 

Over the 75-minute light trail, guests can enjoy viewing 14 unique light displays, including a carousel ride that’s free with your ticket. Throughout the trail are large warming areas and washrooms to keep you immersed in the experience. Multiple food and drink trucks are on site if you are hungry. Justin, a 35-year-old visitor to the light walk says that his favourite area was the kid’s display because he “found it funky” while attending the event with his wife and children.

Standing above all other displays is The Tree of Lights. Measuring 47 meters high, that’s as tall as the Statue of Liberty, the tree can be seen from kilometres away. Made from 44,000 programable lights, every design is unique. Masih says that during the month of February, the tree will be displaying different interactive themes for Valentine’s Day. 

The Tree of Lights in the background of The Magic Lanterns display. (Sheridan Sun/Dalia Sibie)

With over 269,000 thousand people experiencing the illumi light walk since it turned on the light switch and opened its doors back in September of 2022, it has brought smiles to thousands of people from across the GTA. Victoria Clarke, the Director and CEO of Mississauga Tourism says she “tips her hat to them [Cavalia] ” for creating the event while dealing with shipping delays and a short timeline.   

The illumi light walk will be open until March 26th, 2023 in north Mississauga and costs approximately $30. On February 6th and March 6th, illumi will lower the price of their general admission tickets to $15 dollars for the night. To find more information on the event and to book your tickets in advance, you can visit the illumi website.

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