NFL Fans Divided over Taylor Swift

While many fans have celebrated the romance between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift, the news has also stirred controversy among some NFL followers.

Travis Kelce, known for his tight-end skills on the Kansas City Chiefs and cheerful personality, has found a new teammate in the global icon Taylor Swift.

The duo has been spotted enjoying each other’s company at various events., 

The football star recently said on his podcast with his brother, Jason Kelce, that he didn’t get to give Swift a friendship bracelet after her concert, saying he would have liked to give her one with his number on it. 

Some football fans have expressed their disapproval of Swift’s association with the league, citing how the NFL seems to be more interested in the pop star and not the actual football game or players.

This has fuelled a portion of NFL fans’ resistance to embracing the pop sensation within their football community.

“People have been a fan of the Chiefs for years, and it’s like now everyone seems to care just because she’s there. It kinda throws me off a little bit,” says NFL fan Michael St. Pierre.

Source: Michael St. Pierre.

Since Swift has made her first appearance in the NFL industry, she has boosted the brand value over $122 million. And in the late season alone, the viewership of young teenage girls for the NFL has gone up 53%.

Here is an info-graphic with more information on Taylor Swift’s statistical impact on the NFL.

This is a reason why some Taylor Swift fans are confused on the hate and backlash she is receiving in the football scene.

“She has so many fans, wouldn’t they want the Swifties to be watching? Like bringing in more of a fanbase to the NFL games, even if it is for Taylor Swift,” says Swift Fan Adrienne Eagleson.

Source: Adrienne Eagleson

Public opinion is influenced by a hybrid of factors. Including cultural influences, individual experiences, and personal taste.

Some of the main reasons why some NFL fans may not like Swift is because her music is not among the genres they listen to.

Psychotherapist Esther Frost says some of the hate comes from her success. “She’s got some bad vibes that happened and people not liking her, so some of that just carried on because some humans have a hard time with people that have lots of positive things in their lives,” says Frost.

Source: Esther Frost

Not all football fans seem to think this way. Swift’s connection to the league has got some NFL fans excited about the future of both parties.

NFL fan John Davis would agree “I think it’s great for the football industry and I think it’s great for the entertainment industry. I don’t really understand why there’s so much push-back from a lot of people, it’s two people who obviously enjoy each other’s company,” say Davis.

Source: John Davis

Despite the mixed reactions, Kelce and Swift seem unfazed by the chatter, focusing on their budding relationship. The confirmation of their romance has left fans on the edge of their seats, as they set to eagerly follow the next chapters of the NFL and this unexpected love story.

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