Lifelike AI Videos – an Exciting and Scary Future

By Ryan Persaud, Joseph Facundo and John Gardiner

Sora AI can generate videos and animation videos in seconds. Sora AI was announced on February, 15th 2024. 

Video is a big component of film programs. 

Bachelor of Film & TV Program coordinator Randall Kapuscinski says you can’t control or predict what’s going to happen. It’s controlled by the market forces and AI tools will offer advantages of low cost or well improved performance. 

“Chances are producers are going to want to try and use it,” says Kapuscinski. 

Kapuscinski emphasizes the creative potential of AI tools and envisions these tools for storyboarding, pre-visualization, and content creation, while potentially disrupting the old-fashioned way of production. 

Darrin Patey is VP of creative technology at No Fixed Address Inc. and wrote an article on creatives and AI. Patey advised students and creatives to learn how to use AI tools as an advantage to become a better effective creative. Also, understand that AI tools are not a threat to your job but it’s an opportunity to discover new roles in the creative process. 

“The thing is to look at it and say, what job is going to exist because of AI. And how does my artistic sense and how can I bring my kind of my own vibe to the world using these tools and tools that are not going to go away,” says Patey.

Sheridan’s academic integrity says we don’t have a policy that’s just for AI videos, it covers all artificial intelligence. 

The professors have the authority to decide whether or not to use AI tools, including a generating video AI tool. 

Sam Cheng is the Copyright Coordinator at Sheridan College.

“People who want to use Sora and other AI generators will need to be aware of potential copyright infringements. For example, if they are using Photoshop AI to change a few things to someone else’s work and share it on the Internet, they may face a copyright complaint from a rightsholder,” says Cheng.

AI generated video test. Edited by Joseph Facundo.

Students must be more adaptable to the changes in their field of interest that uses AI and students have to be more adaptable to today’s technology. They shouldn’t be frightened by AI, AI is here to stay and we have to embrace that with today’s technology. 

Artists fearing AI. Edited by John Gardiner.