SSU Raptors Game: Fostering Community Through Sport

On March 27th, the Sheridan Student Union hosted another annual Raptors outing for Sheridan students. Students from all 3 campuses bused into downtown Toronto to watch the Toronto Raptors take on the New York Knicks.

Students from different campuses often don’t get to meet up and mingle. Fifi Mokomane is Sheridan’s Trafalgar Student Life Lead.Mokomane notes that it’s important for the Sheridan community to attend events like this.

“It creates stronger bonds within the school. People can meet and make long life friends and connections that they can take into their post-grad world and personal lives,” says Mokomane.

The SSU runs many events for Sheridan students. But off campus outings like this can be special as it gives students a chance to explore life outside of the Sheridan community. “[It helps to] enrich their college experience in fun and unique ways that aren’t always available inside a classroom,” says Mokomane.

For international student Zoe Mouligne, Sheridan College is her home away from home. Finding community in a new country can be hard. SSU events like this gives her the opportunity to meet new people and find community.

“Getting involved is an exciting and important experience especially as a young adult,” says Mouligne. She adds that school outings like this “opens your mind” and “helps you meet people” as it simply “gets you out into the world”.

Mouligne agrees that fostering connections within the Sheridan community is also a big factor for her in attending events like this. “It does help you connect with more students for sure,” says Mouligne.

Sport provides a unique way in which students can connect. For Sheridan students, an event like this allows students of all ages, and programs to connect over their shared love for basketball.

For those looking to engage more in the Sheridan community, the SSU still has an array of events to attend before the end of the semester. For more information on upcoming events head to