The Future of Innovation

March 13, 2018 Nicholas Snow 0

COVERAGE BY PAUL MANTELLA Some of Sheridans best innovators are getting together at Sheridan College’s Hazel McCallion Campus in Mississauga to have engaging conversations and talks about big ideas. Topics will range from the art […]

The quest for Planet X

March 13, 2018 Nicholas Snow 0

BY NICK SNOW Our solar system might have a ninth planet again. After Pluto was snubbed from being a planet in 2006, the solar system somehow seemed smaller. Things have changed in a big way […]

That’s a lot of junk

February 20, 2018 Nicholas Snow 0

                    OPINION BY NICK SNOW Mankind’s dream of exploration didn’t end with the earth’s continents, space was only a matter of time.  In the words of […]