Leonardo DiCaprio finally got his Oscar, Chris Rock threw down the #OscarsSoWhite issue and… wait a minute, Spotlight took home Best Picture?

Aside from the red carpet gowns tying into a Disney princess theme, we decided to look into the biggest shockers of the night, and those that we kind of saw coming . . . sorry Leo.

Ex Machina, the underdog in comparison to The Revenant and Mad Max, surprised us all when it won Best Visual Affects.

To keep things interesting, Girl Scout cookies were brought out to support Chris Rock’s kid – needless to say, the public watching from home was irked to see everyone at the theatre snacking on cookies while they had nothing.

Lady Gaga delivered an emotional performance of “Until it Happens To You,” a song that highlights the one in five women who are sexually harassed in colleges and universities. Gaga brought out victims to share the stage with her, providing a deeply emotional moment.

The writing may be on the walls, but Sam Smith’s performance stuck to the ground with sound issues and a boring performance leaving viewers wanting more.

And along with Mad Max winning six awards at the 2016 Oscars — way to give the other guys a chance — The Sheridan Sun’s Brittany Preocanin and Cait Carter live tweeted predictions and opinions.

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