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With the arrival of April, students in their final year need to be aware of requirements for graduation. With Friday as the deadline, they should have seen signs posted and received emails from the college in February, outlining they need to take to graduation.

Full instructions are on Access Sheridan.

“The email explained where to go on the Sheridan server, and kind of did a step-by-step process on how to get through the graduation information,” said Brittany Preocanin, a Print Journalism student who will be graduating this year.

“I would say that applying for graduation took me a couple of minutes of pressing buttons; nothing more then five minutes at the max,” explained Caitlin Carter, also a Print Journalism student, in an email.




Students help design their program’s graduation

-Careers: Should you follow your heart or your brain?


At the site, students can also order tickets for guests, and they can give their measurements for their gowns.

Friday, April 22 is the deadline to apply for graduation. If students don’t apply, they won’t be able to graduate.

Graduation will be at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga. Ceremonies will be held during
the week of June 6 to 9. Each day is reserved for one of the faculties Sheridan has. Over the course of the day, either one or more sessions will be held, each one having a number of programs receiving diplomas. From start to finish, it will be the Pilon School of Business, then the Faculties of Animation Art and Design, Humanities and Social Sciences, Applied Health and Community Studies, Applied Sciences and Technology and Continuing and Professional Studies.

The ceremonies are not that big and fancy. Students and their parents will arrive an hour before the ceremony. The students will then go into a room to put on their graduation gowns. After which, they will line up in alphabetical order until it’s time to go into the ceremony area. There, students will take their seats, and wait until their program and name is called. Then they’ll receive their diplomas.

Students are looking forward to the big day. “I graduated from McMaster and it was lot of fun,” Preocanin said. “I met a lot of friends in the program and graduation is something exciting to share with them.”

“I’m excited to see everyone graduate and hopefully hear how everyone is doing,” Carter said. “I miss everyone in my class already. It’s lonely without hearing about how everybody is doing. Seeing them again is going to be the highlight of my graduation!”

After the ceremony, students will then head outside for drinks, snacks and partake in one last photo with each other.

Students can find out more at the Sheridan website.

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