Budget is key for international students


Khuzina- Dealing with a high rent increase in Oakville.
Madina Asrorova, second year Business Administration student, faced a rent increase. (Photo by Renata Khuzina/The Sheridan Sun)

The beginning of a new school year causes stress and excitement for everyone, but some international students face challenges that local students will never know.

Madina Asrorova, 19, emigrated from Russia last year, and is currently studying Business Administration Marketing at HMC Campus.

International students can put themselves in a precarious situation if they are spending lots of money on rent.

“I got very lucky to find a great Canadian family for my homestay,” said Asrorova.

While house parties and drinking are a huge part of student culture, it is sometimes hard for international students to pay for these things.

Expecting a slight rent increase each year, Asrorova didn’t anticipate a higher-than-expected spike in her monthly rent would become one of her struggles.

“ I live in Oakville. My landlord just suddenly increased the rent $200 more. Since then I had to cut my spendings,” Asrorova added.

She reviewed her monthly budget and cuts out what she can cut to compensate for the increase.

“Financing international tuition can be a challenge for many students already, because it is three times more for international students,” said Asrorova.

Since Asrorova has to pay a larger rent she started to work more hours per week.

“I work in the Pandora store in Oakville Place mall. I work 20 hours instead of 15 that I used to do. Sometimes I don’t feel myself alive at the end of the day,” said Asrorova.


If you have any struggles with your rent, appointments can be made at Trafalgar Campus with legal advisor William Reid. Email william.reid1@sheridancollege.ca

If you have a high stress level, appointments can be made at Sheridan’s Health and Counselling Services. Marisa Amoroso, Senior Manager of Health and Counselling Services can provide you with some tips and tools for handling stress.  marissa.amoroso@sheridancollege.ca

International students with questions can make an appointment with International student advisor Elena Shik at International Centre. elena.shik@sheridancollege.ca

International Centre, Sheridan College: Trafalgar: Room B360, HMC: Room A163a, Davis: Room B216






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  1. “While house parties and drinking are a huge part of student culture, it is sometimes hard for international students to pay for these things.”

    House parties and drinking…really?

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