Adulting 101: dressing for work.


Dress for success is more than just a saying. Many websites and professionals will tell you that the first impression is the most important, even before you talk to an employer, they will judge you based on what you wear, so what should you shoot for in terms of clothing?

Melody Taylor, co-owner of Plato’s Closet in Oakville offers students a few pointers, in what to look for in work clothes.

“You can be the smartest man in the world, you can be the kindest man in the world, nobody knows that, the first thing they notice when they see you is how you present yourself,” explains Taylor.


“You want to make sure they are not a denim, that-or a blue jean.” While it can be a denim fabric she recommends staying away from blue jean material, and avoiding anything too casual.

The current style of pants for men is tailored,straight skinny leg, or a boot cut.

What you should be looking for is a pant that is versatile, and goes with button up shirts and sweaters, but not too casual.

You can get away with only having three pairs of pants, tan, gray and black are recommended, because they can be worn with most kinds of shirts.


“Button up tends more toward a career wear style” but avoid anything like flannel or that you would wear outside of work, something more inline with a cotton blend, and can be worn under a sweater or worn with a cardigan. Be sure it isn’t bulky.

With the addition of a cardigan or sweater you have a few more options for outfits.


Hit the club not the gym. Avoid the sneakers and go for shoes that would be acceptable in a club, or casual situation.

Although Plato’s Closet sells higher end clothing, Taylor is quick to remind students not to shop only for brand names “If you get hung up on labels and think ‘well I can only wear this or I can only wear that’ you’re gonna go broke before you even get your first pay cheque. How you put yourself is more important than what the label is.”

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