CoverGirl announces first CoverBoy


Society is changing, and so is the beauty game.

The makeup brand CoverGirl has announced its first male ambassador, or CoverBoy, James Charles.

Last week, CoverGirl posted a photo on its Instagram, which it then shared to Facebook, welcoming Charles to the company. They wrote, “Meet James Charles: makeup artist, boundary breaker, and the newest CoverGirl!”

Photo by CoverGirl

When asked, CoverGirl released a statement saying, “Our partnership with James Charles officially kicks off October 11, 2016 and will be followed later this month with the launch of our new, universal mascara designed to work on all lash types, So Lashy by Blastpro. The campaign with him includes TV, print, digital/social and PR; and he will continue his COVERGIRL partnership throughout the year, sharing can’t-miss beauty content, tips, tricks and how-tos with the millions of James Charles and COVERGIRL fans and followers.”

Since the announcement, there have been opinions across the board about Charles. Members of the Facebook group “All Things Beauty and Skincare” have been supportive of the company’s decision.
“I love it! I don’t personally support CoverGirl because they aren’t cruelty free, but I respect the fact that they were bold enough and made such a move,” says Megan Turner, a member of the Facebook group. Kiera Minor agrees, “…props to CoverGirl for paving the way for male makeup artists in mainstream media with well established makeup brands.”

Others outside of this group have different opinions. Husband and father Jason Ferber believes that the company’s name is CoverGirl for a purpose.
“Personally, I think girls should grace CoverGirl unless it is a transgender boy to girl,” says Ferber. “Simple solution is to make CoverBoy.” Ferber’s wife is a former makeup artist.

Others were not happy about CoverGirl’s announcement, some stating that they no longer
support the brand. Here are some comments on CoverGirl’s Instagram post.

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With over 700 000 followers on Instagram, Charles chooses to ignore the comments and continues to share his excitement of joining the team and regularly uploads photos to of his work. “I started my Instagram one year ago to inspire others and as an artistic outlet to challenge myself creatively. I truly hope that this shows that anyone and everyone can wear makeup and do anything if you work hard,” posted the 17-year-old makeup artist following last week’s announcement. Charles also has a YouTube channel with over 100 000 subscribers.

Photo from Charle’s Instagram
Photo from Charle’s Instagram
Photo from Charle’s Instagram

“It’s crazy to me the difference in responses from the original CoverGirl post to here. The comments were so negative, closed minded, and just plain mean,” says Turner on the All Things Beauty and Skincare Facebook group, “you ladies (and gentleman that follow!) are so open hearted and beautiful!”

You can follow Charles on Instagram at @jamescharles  and on YouTube at JCharlesBeauty .