Historical Society guides ghost walk through Oakville

  • October Ghost Walk.


It’s time to get your spook on Oakville. Oakville Historical Society October Ghost Walk is back in downtown Oakville, which dates back to the 1800s. The October ghost walk has been going on for more than 10 years and attracts citizens from near and far.

Meet your tour guide at the Oakville Historical Society office on King Street. Tour guides are dressed as the citizens who once lived in the first homes of Oakville such as Rebecca Chisholm, the wife of William Chisholm who was one of the first to build a home in the town.

The guide takes participants the streets while telling stories of the people who once lived in the homes and sightings of their ghosts. This tour is perfect for those who would love to know more about Oakville’s history while being in the Halloween spirit.

During the hour-long stroll the guides give the history of each home and the people who built and lived in them such as The Thomas House and Erchless Estate.

The Thomas House sits next to the post office close to the lake and has been one of the homes to have paranormal activity. On the tour they will talk about ghost encounters and a photograph of the fireplace inside the Thomas House that captured an orb, which is believed to be the spirit of a little girl named Rebecca. You can see this photo at the end of the tour.

An orb captured in The Thomas House and is believed to be the ghost of young Rebecca.
An orb captured in The Thomas House fireplace and is believed to be the ghost of young Rebecca.

Erchless Estate is the biggest and most recognized home in all of Downtown Oakville. The home holds many stories, which includes being part of the Underground Railroad and many tragic deaths. One of the very first families to settle in Oakville lived in this home. It includes a side house that was home to a much poorer family and the big house where the Chisholm’s lived.

Recently a medium visited Erchless and discovered seven different spirits occupying the estate. Guides tell these stories such, as how people have claimed to see Rebecca’s ghost walking in the garden, along with many more eerie encounters involving other spirits.

Today the Erchless Estate is a museum and remains one of Oakville’s oldest homes. The tour is for all ages. Anyone from children to adults is welcome to experience the spooky yet fascinating tales. You can book your tour online at www.oakvillehistory.org. The walk will set you back $12, but it’s the perfect combination of history and spookiness.