Students make a statement with hair colours


Pauline Muskosiej, first-year advertising and marketing student
Pauline Muskosiej, first-year advertising and marketing student (Photos by Samreh Osborne/Sheridan Sun)

People are used to seeing bright-coloured hair during Halloween, but here at Sheridan, you can see funky hair colours throughout the year. Thanks to artists like Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj, people are inspired to have some fun with their hair colours. Nowadays there isn’t much of a one-sided perspective on up coming trends. People put their own spins and twists on hairstyles and fashion.

According to hairstylist, Adele Levesque, creative hair colouring can range anywhere between $80-$300, depending on the person’s hair colour they come in with, and the results they like to achieve.

“Hair coloring is all about the individual choice. Whenever the feeling rises. The process can be pretty tricky, to go from dark hair to light and bright colors. There is definitely a risk to take when you have to pre-lighten the hair so that the bright colours come out looking beautiful and radiant. Anytime you go from dark colours to light, you have to pre-lighten the hair. Hair can break easily during this process, but if you go light to dark, it doesn’t cause as much damage to the hair since you don’t need to pre-lighten it. The good thing about hair is, it’s not a tattoo, the colours and the state of your hair at the moment isn’t forever. You can cut it off and it grows back good as new,” says Adele.

Some students decide to go with bold and bright colours to stand out from the ordinary crowd, “I like to express my own unique style,” says Pauline Muskosiej, a first-year advertising and marketing student.

It’s great how comfortable the students at Sheridan are to let their personalities shine through the way they look.

“I just feel more like myself with colored hair. I go with different colors every time my hair color fades. I’m going blue next,” says Molly Smith who is a second-year student in film and television.

Photo credit: Samreh Osborne
Molly Smith, second-year bachelor of film and television student.

A lot of work, time and money goes into bright hair colors, but it’s worthed “I have to re-dye my hair every two weeks and it takes about three hours each time. I don’t even care about the damage it does to my hair. I want to make a statement to show off my artistic side,” says Nicole MacDonald, a high school student who comes to Sheridan for lunch.

Nicole MacDonald, high school student
Nicole MacDonald, high school student.