Local duo in perfect harmony with Oakville musicians

Poor you at lourice, october 29th
Poor You performing at Lourice, Oct. 29. (Photo by: Matthew Clark/The Sheridan Sun)


When you’re a musician in a small town like Oakville, challenges abound. With not much in the way of publicly funded arts programs or music venues, musicians in Oakville often have to struggle to create a scene. However, they are twice as passionate as a result of this and the way they come together very often shows the power of local community.
Two Oakville residents took it upon themselves four years ago, fresh out of high school, to create the scene they wanted to be in. Chris Laurignano, 24, and Chris Flynn, 26, started putting on concerts in Oakville under the name Little Men Promotions in 2012, and have been going strong ever since.

Flynn says that Little Men Promotions grew out of their own desire for community, but the response has only proven that they aren’t the only ones who recognize the value of a supportive local community.

“It’s actually insane the amount of shows people show up to. People see how passionate we are and they respond to that,” Laurignano said, adding that both the people who attend their shows and the bands have a lot of passion for their efforts.

This was evident on Oct. 29, when the duo hosted a Halloween-themed show at Lourice Mediterranean Cuisine, at Trafalgar Road and Marlborough Court, across the street from Trafalgar Campus. Stacey Green Jumps, Poor You, Lonely Parade and Casper Skulls all put on stellar performances, and if the turnout was any indication, Laurignano and Flynn have helped to bolster a community for Oakville’s local musicians.

The atmosphere was welcoming and friendly, with both Chrises waiting just inside the door to welcome both attendees and performers with a smile and a helping hand if needed. The show was all-ages, coinciding with their philosophy that music and concerts should be accessible to everyone, not just those above the drinking age. Attendees and performers mingled in between sets, grabbing food and drink from the restaurant as needed.

Stacey Green Jumps, the opening band, came all the way from Peterborough to start the night off, which lends credence to the feeling that the pair have helped to make Oakville a better place for touring bands to come play as well.

“Love the venue, loved everything about the show. Everyone’s ready to party here,” said the band about arriving in Oakville.

At the show it’s clear that what Chris and Chris are doing with Little Men Promotions is vital to the music scene here in Oakville. The passion on their faces and the faces of all in attendance only proves this. With a turnout of around 60 people, the show was well-attended by their standards, and everyone there seemed to have a good time.

To keep up to date on upcoming events from Little Men Promotions, check out their Facebook page.