The next big idea


On Nov. 16 at Hazel McCallion Campus, Sheridan Student Union is hosting its second annual The Next Big Idea for all students.

The Next Big Idea is a contest in which students pitch a business plan to a board of judges and the idea with the most votes wins a $1,000 prize.

Last year’s prize winners, Delmar Powell, David Pullar and Richard Greens created an app where you can look up allergy and nutritional facts for more than 300 restaurants in North America. The app Second Waiter; also includes restaurant reviews.

The winners of last years contest planned to use the money for marketing Second Waiter.

To sign up for this event to fill out a quick application online which requires you to fill in your name, campus, and program. You also have to answer a couple of questions about your idea

“We receive a lot of applications last minute. Last year we received 15 but only could accept 10,” said Karlo Galang, HMC events coordinator.

The last day to submit your application is Nov. 10 by 4:30 p.m.

They plan to have a panel of judge/entrepreneurs from different industries to give applicable knowledge to all participants, says Galang.

They are encouraging students to sign up and share their big idea!