Things International students should know about post-graduation work permit

Most of International students are confident until they graduate, but then they struggle to know if they are eligible to stay in Canada to pursue their career.

The Post -Graduation Work Permit program (PGWP) allows students who have graduated from participating Canadian post secondary institution to gain up to three years of Canadian work experience.

However, the student needs to meet certain conditions to get a work permit.

The main problem students have been facing over the years is applying too late for their (PGWP) or a poorly prepared application.

“I had to change my program because I didn’t know that I was eligible to stay longer and was so confused during the application process,” said Sneh Singh, a first-year computer student.

Singh also explained that his friends weren’t able to get their PGWP because they failed to meet the conditions.

These problems could be easily be sorted out if students keep themselves updated with the policies, which can change any time.

Students might find a job after starting their program and some might think they could earn more money by working more hours. The Immigration Department does not want the student to gain entry into Canada on a study permit and end up working more than school hours.

The employment is permitted on a full-time basis during the normal study break. During studies, the student is only allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours a week.

According to citizenship and immigration of Canada, any breach of a permit can lead to make the student’s study permit invalid.

“I was actually happy about the number of hours I used to get every week at work, but only after knowing the consequences I got so afraid that I left my job old job and now I make sure I don’t work more than 15 hours a week” said one student who did not want his name published.

Since, the International study permit policies keep changing it’s better if the student follow updates from immigration lawyers.

The requirements a student must meet to get a post-graduation work permit include :

  • The student must have studied full time in Canada and must have completed a program of study that lasts at least for eight months.
  • The student must have applied for work permit within 90 days graduation.
  • The student must have a valid study permit when they apply for a work permit.
  • The student must have completed and passed the program of study and received written notification that they are eligible to obtain their degree, diploma, or certificate.


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