Local publisher celebrates turning a new page


Sheridan College professor Mike Walsh is celebrating his adventurous ride through publishing. Mosaic Press founders Walsh and Howard Aster will recount four decades of publishing with the company at an event Thursday at the Oakville Public Library. Mosaic Press has published many literary icons including Irving Layton as well as many prominent Canadian figures such as John Wing Jr. comedic writer and author of I’ll Be There Soon and A Cup of Never Mind.

Sheridan College professor Mike Walsh.  (Photo by Amelia Sher/Sheridan Sun)

Walsh has always had an affinity for reading and writing.

“You could call me an eclectic generalist who appreciated good writing: kids’ books, fiction, poetry, history, science, geography, biography and textbooks  that aroused my curiosity and imagination and allowed me ask what audiences want,” Walsh explained.

“I was teaching high school in the ’60s. I joined Macmillan and began to learn the publishing business from manuscript to finished books plus design, layout and sales. It was a time when new Canadian firms were being established. Canadian writers were given a voice nationally and internationally.”

Walsh also has a very rich history when it comes to education.  “I met so many people over the years and overseas who filled the gaps in my formal education because they told me their stories and I could work with them to get it into print. That has been my publishing experience for 50 years, but what’s old is new and what’s new is old. Only the communications tools have changed But not the human process and how to reach a new audience.”

As a professor at Sheridan in Media Fundamentals he inspires his students to be creative and learn in many different forms, as he does himself. “I tend to think outside the box when it comes to my own creativity by experimenting with different forms, including photos and music to generate metaphorical words and images. My memoir Rougin’ it in the Bush explains what I am trying to say.”

Walsh also stressed the importance of young writers as well.

Mike Walsh's memorie
Mike Walsh’s memoir. (Photo by Amelia Sher/Sheridan Sun)

“Young writers can communicate in many forms. The greatest challenge is trying to find your own voice, avoid trends and don’t be afraid to perform and get an audience to listen to your works.”

Walsh said he’s excited to celebrate his and Astor’s success in the publishing industry in Oakville.

“On Thursday I hope my friend, and Mosaic publisher Howard, can share some of the fascinating stories that gave us this opportunity, to say we might be crazy, but we did it our way, NO regrets.”

Mike Walsh and Howard Aster will celebrate 40 years of success in Publishing through Mosaic Press at the Oakville Public Library Nov. 17 at 7 p.m. Visit publishing event for more information about how to get tickets.